I was living in mess since long time, as I am too lazy to organize my things. My wardrobe was literally overloaded with tons of skirts, dress, crops and what not. After thinking for a week (I literally spent a week 😀 😛 ), I finally decided to organize it. While organizing I came across dozens of white shirts. I love white shirts a lot. There’s no specific reason behind it, but I just cannot avoid buying one whenever I spot it during shopping.


A plain which shirt looks quite versatile, refreshing and is easy to style. It looks amazing with whatever you wear . I thought of styling it in some unique way rather than styling it as usual.

The most important part of my outfit is the corset belt, which I wanted to style since the time it popped up on the runway. Corset belt works like magic and is definitely a look. The best thing about it is you can throw it over everything, be it a dress, tee or a jacket. It is a statement add on and super easy update for any outfit.

They are bold, they stand out and are perfect midriff-cinchers. If you are thinking of trying it, just go for it!. All you need is a healthy dose of confidence to rock it. Styling a corset belt is super easy. Pair it with a loose dress and it gives you perfect fit at the waist with a little flare at the bottom. Styling it with a tight fitted dress would make you look chic. You can also go professional by wearing it on a shirt and then layer it up.

Few things are to be kept in mind while styling a corset belt.
The width of the belt: – If you are thin and tall then experiment with wider ones. If you are short then stick to thinner corset belts.
Colour of the belts: – If you are thin with tiny waist any colour would look perfect, but if you are thicker in the mid-section then opt for dark coloured belt
Embellished Belts: Spice up your look by pairing a studded, lace up or metallic belt.
Choose right outfits: – If you are pairing it with loose fitted tee or shirt, make sure you select a tightly fitted bottom to create a balanced silhouette.

For my look, I wore a button down white shirt and pulled it down to make it look off shoulder. Pairing it with this lace up corset belt completely changed the look of the simple shirt. Just Adding a belt to my simple shirt makes the entire look so feminine and sensual. I paired it with a black tight fitted bottom and black shoes to balance the outfit.

Hope you love this look. Let me know your suggestions  🙂


Komal ❤

Outfit details:

Shirt- Westside;

Shoes and pants- Forever21,

Corset belt- Shein;

Bag- Metro

Choker- Eristona

Location courtesy- Tea Villa Cafe, Thane