It was usual Saturday and I was in no mood to step out. Lying on my bed in my favorite pajamas was the only thing I planned for the day. As I was enjoying the day according to my plans, I reminded the discussion of my friend regarding a café in Borivali. I googled it with curiosity to know what exactly it is and was stunned to read about it. I was excited to such a level that I jumped off my bed and made my mind to travel to Borivali in such a scorching heat. Well, I am taking about this novice place called Café Hydro.



A brightly lit two storey restaurant with some unusual theme on each level. The ground floor has a theme of Indian railways where you could find seats and arrangements similar to that found in trains. It also has an upper deck where you can climb up and have a great time with your friends.



The décor consists of this huge colorful storage trunks and bulbs hanging from the ceiling, which perfectly complements the theme.


The first level has very calm and surreal vibes because you can find fishes all around you. Yeah! that’s absolutely true as the ceiling is donned with the live aquarium. ❤  I was amazed to see the entire concept and loved to dine in a tunnel of colorful fishes around me.

IMG_3741 And, guess what? I even found a cute little Nemo starring at me. 😀 Isn’t it cute? ❤



The second level has the white theme with a pop of orange to it. The seating arrangement consists of the sofa with tiny floral prints all over it. It also has quirky masks on the walls which go perfectly with the entire concept. The best part which I loved on this level is that it also includes hammocks where one could sit for hours, read and enjoy the view of marine life.


Coming to the food, I started with peach cooler tea followed by cheesy onion rings and Fried Surimi Fish Balls. The first bite itself makes you fall in love with the place again. All I can say is that the food is delicious. This place serves reasonable and pocket-friendly Asian and oriental cuisine.Their signature dishes includes Fried Surimi Fish Balls, Fishy Onion Rings, Peri Peri Chicken & Paneer Paprika.


This place is definitely must visit because happy food and soothing ambiance are what all you need.
I hope this post will urge you to travel to Borivali no matter wherever you reside. 😉


Love ❤