It has been a  long time I haven’t posted anything. It was all because I was under the weather all this while. Like most of the humans out there, I was busy running in the rat race thinking about my work, career, success and what not. I didn’t have a moment to stop and think about my body and my health, all I did was work and binge upon all the junk food around me. I went on doing too many things at a time which took a toll on my health. One fine day I collapsed and suddenly everything changed. 😦 My work schedule was replaced by hospital appointments which made me feel pathetic. While I was at home figuring out my medicines, people out there were having a great time. I so.. wanted to write blogs, hang out with friends and enjoy my life but I felt so helpless. I never thought that my eating habits, sleeping late nights and stress would affect so much on my health. It took me a lot of time to regain my health and also made me realize how important it is to take care of my body. I just felt like sharing this with you guys, because if you are doing the things which I did, you may regret it later. Stop wherever you are, think about your schedule and all your eating habits and give your body first preference because your health is the only thing which will help you to keep going. Well, I am completely fine now and back on track with a new post. 🙂

It is mid-February and I can already sense the Spring coming. With this approaching season I can see florals everywhere, literally on everything; jackets, cushions, dresses, tops- everywhere! 😀


After a long season of sale, there comes a fresh batch of florals to get our heads around.You can find an array of floral prints from small ditsy or bolder brighter prints.  I have this special love for floral outfits as these are a trend chart topper and there’s no running away from it.   Floral prints also have a plus point that they are easy to match your accessories or layer as you can just pick a color from your print as a highlight color.



I randomly came across an Instagram page of candidly couture and thought of checking their site as their collection seemed quite nice. I was looking for a jumpsuit for a long time as they are such a comfortable piece of apparel that you can comfortably hop around in it anywhere and everywhere. 😀 While I was eyeing various jumpsuits, I found this one with bloom floral prints on it. I bought it right away to satisfy my floral obsession. ❤ The material, the prints, and its comfort is something to die for. ❤  Simply adore the plunging neckline, which makes the complete look bold and sexy. 😉


When it comes to accessorizing, there was no way I could not wear a statement choker, especially when the neckline permits it. Wore my favorite choker which is quite different than the conventional ones. Black choker with floral detailing and a long chain did complete justice to my outfit. I kept the entire look simple with minimal accessories. 🙂


For footwear, I preferred wearing heels over flats. As heels made the entire look more chic and sophisticated.

If you’re a person who would not wear florals, step out of your comfort zone, ditch your usual sundress and infuse a bit of pop in your wardrobe by trying out floral patterns. 🙂

Keeping my style game strong with the floral outfit I am ready to get in the mood for spring.

Hope you guys love this look ❤


Komal ❤


Outfit details

Jumpsuit- Candidly Couture

Choker- Eristona