Hey guys,

How are you? Hope you’ll are doing well. It has been a long time I haven’t posted anything. So I am up with a post today. Today’s post is not about fashion look, but its something that would surely help all girls out there. Like all other girls I am extremely concerned about my hairs. Hairs are crucial part of our look and it is like an ultimate fashion accessory.

I have fluffy and wavy hairs which suits my face, but I just lovee.. love ❤ straight hairs. I thought straightening ( or call it smoothning or rebonding.. it is one and the same 😛 )can be a great solution to get that perfect straight hairs and I even tried it. It looks amazing in the initial phase, but trust me guys it damages your hair strands like anything and later when your hair grows up it looks horrible. And then you end up with breakage of hairs, hair fall, split ends and what not… So after damaging my hairs to a lot of extent , I decided, I wont be doing it again.

But then I cannot resist my love for straight hairs. Sometimes it gets bored of having the same hairstyle for a long time and a little change in your hairstyle can make you look fabulous. So when there’s any occasion and I have to look perfect, I opt for ironing my hairs. But hold on… even ironing damages your hairs…then, what is the solution?

A perfect solution to protect your hairs from damage because of heat styling is a HEAT PROTECTANT... Yeah!  A heat protectant is definitely a savior during heat styling. I came across this TONI & GUY Heat protection mist on purplle.com and thought of giving it a try. Aand… ! I am extremely happy with the way it works. 🙂 🙂

It comes in a pretty sleek 150 mL sturdy bottle with matte finish. I am pleased with its smart lock mechanism which avoids spillage when not in use.It has a lock which needs to be pushed to unlock the dispenser for spraying. It took me sometime to figure out how does it works. The spray nozzle gives out a fine mist which can be easily sprayed on your hairs. Like other products it does not have a strong scent, so can be used without any hesitation. I have been using it since a long time , before ironing and blow drying my hairs. It can be used both on dry as well as damp hairs, but I prefer using it on damp hairs . It gives a smooth texture and shiny appearance to my hairs along with protecting it from damage. It also reduced the frizziness which I generally encounter after styling.  When it comes to pricing I would give it a thumbs up as it costs INR 750 for 150mL- a pretty much affordable price.

I am way too happy with this product because it does a lot in your favour. I would definitely suggest it to all the girls who love styling your hairs, may it be curling or ironing your hairs, you just have to spray it on your hairs, style it and you’re good to go..

Hope you’all like this post.


Komal Marathe